City Staff

  • Ron Cornwell
    Public Works Director
    Phone: (515) 367-4735
  • Rick Huebner
    Public Works
    ‍Phone: (515) 367-4735
  • Marissa Butler
    Deputy City Clerk
    Phone: (515) 367-4735 EXT3
  • City Clerk
    Phone: (515) 367-4735 EXT 2  
  • Katie Wilson
    City Administrator
    Phone: (515) 367-4735 EXT 1

Mayor & Council

Council meetings are every 3rd Monday of the month and start at 6pm at Elkhart Community Center

John M. "Johnny" Kaczmarczyk -Mayor
Term to December 31, 2025
  • Brad Fordyce
    Council Member
    4 Year Term-2024-2027
  • Brad Campbell
    Council Member
    4 Year Term-2024-2027
  • Rob Fouraker
    Council Member
    1 Year Term-2024-2025
  • Angie Schaffer
    Council Member
    4 Year Term-2023-2026

    Jill Edler
    Council Member
    4 Year Term-2024-2027

Fire Department

  • Scott Drey
    Fire Chief
    Phone: (515) 367-3105
    E 911 Representative
    Polk County Emergency Management Commission Representative


  • MPO Representatives
    Primary-Brad Fordyce
  • Polk County Emergency Management Commission Members
    Scott Drey
    Rob Fouraker
  • Elected Officials Liaison to Departments
    Cemetery/Technology: Angie Schaffer
    Parks & Rec: Jill Edler
    Planning and Zoning: Brad Fordyce
    Elkhart Fire Department: Rob Fouraker
    Streets/Water: Brad Campbell
  • Park Board Members
    Mary Luna Duffy-Chair
    Molly Fordyce
    David Mitchell
    DeAnne Fouraker
    Staci Wenthold
  • Planning and Zoning Commission Members
    Mike Kappos-Chair
    Angie Schaffer
    John Johnson
    Mary Luna-Duffy
    Travis Warnke
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment Members
    Tim Butler-Chair
    Travis Warnke
    Ben Nerem
    John Johnson