Elkhart Bridge and Exit Closing Update

Elkhart Bridge and Exit Closing Update - the city took part in the DOT's pre-construction meeting this morning and can provide the following update:

The official closing of the bridge will be Wednesday, March 29th. It may stay open as late as April 3rd as crews mobilize, etc. However, it will be no earlier than March 29th.

This project will be a lengthy one as the old bridge will be removed and a new bridge installed. According to the DOT, the end date is November 30, 2023, so the bridge and exits will be closed until that time. However, due to the size and scope of the project, it may take even longer to complete, so plan on a significant time line for getting into and out of Elkhart.

The detour is still being worked out by the DOT and we should know more next week before the closing. However, right now to go north on the interstate, you should plan on getting on at the Huxley/Cambridge exit on Highway 210. Going south will be trickier due to potential Ankeny projects at 36th Street and 1st Street which may close access to the interstate at those respective streets. So, the best bet going south may be going to Oralabor and getting on the interstate there.

In addition, there will be a variety of closings at the interstate and 126th while crews work to remove the existing bridge. It is likely these closings will be during the overnight hours.

As a reminder, this project is not a city project and we have no control over timing or detours. However, it will impact the residents of Elkhart so we want to get the latest information out to you. We will keep the website and Facebook updated with the latest.

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