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Fayette Iowa Fire Department Recieves Ambulance

March 4, 2009

          Elkhart Fire Department has many friends that support our activities. In the past years we have been blessed by receiving equipment items that are no longer needed by different Fire Departments, in Iowa. There have also been individuals that have provided us Free & reduced cost of service on our units.

            In 2008 we were looking to replace our First Responder unit “3570” with a newer unit. We purchased our current ambulance from Altoona F D in March 1998. It has served us well.

            September 2008, Chief Frank Prowant ( Ankeny F D EMS) informed me of a unit that was available from  Peterson Iowa C R U, for $1.00. After many phone calls and pictures sent by email Elkhart Fire Department members traveled to Peterson and met Cary Klatt, Luke and Jon Bang ( Mayor of Peterson) and we were delighted with the condition of the unit. We signed the papers and brought it to Elkhart November 4, 2008.

          Our “new” unit  has 36000 miles and is in GREAT condition. Dick Bascom (Bascom Truck and Automotive) updated many items on the unit and E F D members are adding decals and lettering to get it ready for service in the Elkhart Community.

            Screen Images, Des Moines, provided us with two 24 inch decals of our department patch we will have on each side to identify that the unit is from Elkhart Iowa.

          Being that we have received other vehicles used in our department as Fire Units, we felt that we wished to transfer our “3570 unit” to any Fire Department in Iowa that could use it as a Fire Department unit. We have the support of the Elkhart City Council and the Elkhart Community in our plans.

            As we did not get a response from any F D, by February 6, 2009 we decided to receive sealed bids till February 28, 2009. We had many folks from around the State of Iowa that visited Elkhart to view the unit and many that sent us bids after seeing the story in the Des Moines Register,  February 14, 2008.                                  THANKS, DES MOINES REGISTER !!

          Wednesday February 18, I received an email from Fayette IOWA Fire Department saying they were interested in our unit to replace a much used unit in their department.

          I informed folks that traveled to Elkhart and others I spoke and emailed that we appreciated their interest but since we wished to donate the unit to an Iowa F D, A Fire Department would have First Choice. The folks I spoke with understood our wishes.

            As was printed on the City of Elkhart's Web Site:  The City of Elkhart reserves the right to reject any and all bids at the March 2, 2009 Council meeting, starting at 7:00 PM.

          All bids were rejected and we will transfer our ambulance to the City of Fayette Iowa Fire Department.

            Thanks to all that expressed interest in purchasing “3570”. It was interesting hearing of the many ideas folks had for the unit.


      33rd Annual Hog & Lamb Roast – July 25, 2009 –


Serving Time: 5:30 – 7:30 PM

              ***Thanks for your support of the activities of the Elkhart Fire Department ***.


Chip Mathis, Chief

Elkhart Fire Department